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Hanging a Backdrop
How to Hang a Backdrop

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Sometimes you just want to leave the stands in the car and see if you can McGyver it ... here are a few tips ...

Use the squeeze clamps from any hardware store and bit of coat hanger wire or string to attach the backdrop to existing bits of the house ... For quick set-up, I'd rather do this than set up the stands etc ...whenever I can.

It sointenly works and is fast and easy.

Hanging a very large backdrop

Getting a rod pocket on a 20x30 is just stupid ... seriously, you can't put a 30 foot pole through and have it hang properly anyway -- even if you had a 30-foot pole -- it would need at least 2 center supports in addition to end stands.

Use spring clamps dude. Here's an example how the photographer used the hanging tile ceiling to hook bit of coat hanger wire and spring clamps. The 3-inch version is very good for this. Pull the handle plastics off to reveal pre-drilled holes on the handles (small photo) ... then use pliers to bend some coat hanger wire into a hookie thingy. And you're good to go. Lift the tile up and slip your hookie thingy over the T-bar.

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