Large Seamless Photography Backdrops 10x30ft, 20x20ft, 20x30ft

About Us

We design and manufacture muslin photography backdrops in a variety of colors up to 20×30 feet in size. We also carry solid muslin fire-retardant backgrounds.


1. Hand-Painted Backgrounds

Our hand-painted backdrops are painted on high-quality heavy muslin with an optional hot spot in the center. They come with a rod sleeve on short or long side.


Samples of our hand-painted muslin backdrops. Hot spot optional. The backgrounds come with one 3-inch rod sleeve either on long or short side. The color tones and contrast of the backdrop can be shifted using gels, by varying the amount of light that spills on it, and in PhotoShop post-production.


2. Dyed Muslin Backgrounds

Our dyed muslin backgrounds are manufactured with high-quality dyes and can be machine washed. The muslin we use is a tight-weave cotton.


Dyed muslin backdrops are produced from time to time and are available in full range of styles and sizes. The advantage of dyed muslin background is that it can be crash-packed easily for transportation.


3. Solid Muslin Backdrops

We also carry milled solids in solid milled black and heavy black (can be used against windows to block out light), super white, 18% photographer’s grey, and light baby blue. Some are rated FR fire retardant for public area use.



4. Turnaround time, shipping, custom requests, etc.

Turnaround is about ONE WEEK + Shipping is overnight or 5-7 business days. 
We ship with UPS in USA and CANADA and Postal Service to International destinations.