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The metalanguage of paintings was a big deal in the Neo-Classical, Romantic, Renaissance periods — each person’s position and pose in the painting was carefully calculated. The viewer, if able to “read” the painting, was privy to “relative status” information that a casual observer missed.

sampleposes Are the couples torsos turned to face each other? Are the kids between them or on the outside? Is the mother the heart of the family and everyone gathers around her? Skilled viewers can read the body language in the photo. Often, the most pleasing shots are those that are true to the personality of the family.

Raise the camera just above eye level so it angles down on the group slightly. This shift visually lengthens and slims bodies. Also by forcing the group to lift their heads slightly to be eye-to-lens hides their double chins.

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  • Posing Tips

    Posing tips

    Don’t ask them to say cheese. Instead, just before shooting, ask them to sing Old Macdonald Had a Farm. Kids know the words and respond well, and even the adults may laugh. You get natural body language and better facial expressions.

    Use a symmetrical shape of grouping. Try an inverted triangle with one person in the front middle, place pairs of people beside and behind, three in the next row etc. Photo may look more balanced if everyone gets the same amount of space and each person is showcased equally.

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